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Tech Hangover: Remember the days when Facebook didn’t sell ads?

Pepperidge Farm remembers…..

tech hangover with twitter
Image: KnowTechie

We get it, you have a life. There’s no way you can read all of the day’s news in one single shot, let alone visit every web page, which is why we’re here to help. Well, sort of.

There’s a ton of tech news we weren’t able to cover throughout the day (hey, give us a break, we’re a small independent outfit), so to help you stay up to speed with everything we didn’t get to, we rounded up some of the biggest stories, which should help you keep up to date. Hence the tech hangover

Here’s some tech news you probably missed out on today (and when we say you, we mean us, but also…you).

I Got Access to My Secret Consumer Score. Now You Can Get Yours, Too

Online Shopping

It’s painfully obvious by this point that a ton of companies is collecting your data. It’s no secret, we all know this. Well, turns out you can find what they have on you.

As consumers, we all have “secret scores”: hidden ratings that determine how long each of us waits on hold when calling a business, whether we can return items at a store, and what type of service we receive. A low score sends you to the back of the queue; high scores get you elite treatment. – New York Times

Adobe and Twitter are designing a system for permanently attaching artists’ names to pictures

jack dorsey of twitter

Image: Reboot

With all the content being stolen and repurposed on the internet these days, something like this is needed. I’m all about original content creators get attribution for their work.

Twitter, and The New York Times Company have announced a new system for adding attribution to photos and other content. A tool will record who created a piece of content and whether it’s been modified by someone else, then let other people and platforms check that data. Adobe showed off a prototype in Photoshop today, but many of the details are still in flux, and there’s no release date. – The Verge

Microsoft teams up with Warner Bros. to store Superman on new glass storage

microsoft logo on wall

Image: Microsoft

I don’t know why this is a thing but here we are. For some reason, Microsoft is working on some sort of glass storage? I dunno.

Microsoft has created a proof of concept for storing data on glass. The software maker has teamed up with Warner Bros. to store an entire copy of the original 1978 Superman movie on glass that’s the size of a coaster (75 x 75 x 2 mm). Microsoft Research is at the heart of this new glass storage, and it’s part of a big investment from Microsoft to develop storage tech built for the future of its Azure platform. – The Verge

It’s A Shame You’ll Never Buy The Facebook Portal TV

facebook's new portal tv video calling device on an entertainment center

Image: Facebook

Yup, it sure is. In all seriousness, Katie is a bomb reviewer and even if you don’t plan on buying a Facebook Portal TV, you should at the very least read this great review. Katie doesn’t hold back at all.

It is with a heavy heart that I must report that Facebook has, yet again, made a perfect hardware device that brings immense joy. I say this with sadness not because, as Facebook seems to believe, that as a member of the tech press I strive to only report bad news about Facebook.

No, in fact I do nothing productive for society other than charge my phone, eat hot chip, and lie. What I’m mad about is that Portal TV is a great and wonderful device for chatting to friends and family, but no one I know will ever, ever buy one. And without someone else to use it with, it’s useless. – BuzzFeed News

Facebook’s Zuckerberg holds line on political ads, but microtargeting could change

mark zuckerberg facebook holocaust

Image: Axios

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has no intention of changing the company’s policy on political advertisements, which means the social network will not ban them or fact-check them, three high-ranking sources at Facebook told NBC News. – NBC News

And in just case you missed some of our stuff earlier, here’s what you may have missed:

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Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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