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Light your room in style with this ECOLOR smart table lamp

It can sync to devices that are playing music, it offers true RGB lighting, and most importantly, it can set the mood for the entire home.

Ecolor smart table lamp
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Table lamps do not have to be boring or only offer only basic functionality. The new generations of smart lamps turn this category of products into true multimedia devices. They can be used as a nightstand lamp or as a way to set the scene in the living room.

The ECOLOR Smart Table Lamp is a perfect example of how many features can be packed into a single lighting solution. As with any other smart device, the lamp can be connected to your smartphone and controlled remotely.

Also, it can be integrated into any smart home network, allowing it to work seamlessly with any other device that you have. This having been said, let’s look at what else the lamp has to offer:

  • Sensor Touch Controls – Children can learn how to use it in only a few minutes.
  • The Lamp Syncs to Music – The lamp can synchronize to other smart devices via your Wi-Fi network and change colors to the beat of the music that they play.
  • It offers 16 Million Single Colors – In true RGB fashion, the color customizability of the lamp is amazing. It can be set to incrementally change colors, depending on the setting.
  • Timer Setting – The lamp can be set to automatically turn on and off, so you never have to worry that you forgot the light on.
  • Adjustable brightness – The dimmer function makes the lamp very versatile. Turn the brightness up when you want to sync it to music or lower it if you need a simple nightlight.
  • 18 Scenes modes – The 18 presets make it easy to adjust the color temperature and light output of the lamp without having to fiddle with the app too much.

A Closer Look at the Lamp

The smart lamp can sync to the music that you play on other devices. It can also light up its LED segmented build and generate up 16 million single colors to the beat of the music. You can set the lamp to produce a single color or to switch between several shades, in true RGB fashion.

As with most high-quality RGB table lamps, the ECOLOR model comes with a dimming function and a color range between 2700K and 6500K. Setting the lamp to the lowers lighting setting and a warm color can also make it a great nightlight for children.

From an aesthetic point of view, the lamp has a modern, crescent moon shape that’s perfect for the kids’ room, but can also make it a decorative piece on a modern office desk.

Functionally, the ECOLOR Smart Table Lamp is very easy to use. It is controlled using touch commands, it can be linked to any smartphone and controlled remotely, and 3 music modes and 18 scene modes.

Final Thoughts

Earcolor smart lamp

The ECOLOR Smart Table Lamp is both a great smart device, as well as an interesting conversation piece. Its crescent moon shape looks great in any room and any setting. Furthermore, you can easily integrate the lamp into your smart home network and change its settings using your phone.

ECOLOR also makes a similar lamp that doesn’t have to be plugged. If you need more options, the company’s rechargeable moon lamp is a great option too, which sells slightly higher but it’s a considerable choice worth checking out. Learn more at ECOLOR’s official website here.

Overall, it’s an interesting device that’s surprisingly affordable for the quality of its build and the features that it offers.

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