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LinkedIn could be the next social platform to add a dark mode

It’s about time.

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In the year 2021, dark mode should almost be a mandatory option for all web apps. While many popular web apps do offer a dark mode, there is still a lot that don’t. LinkedIn falls into that second category, but it looks like that could be changing soon.

App researcher Jane Manchun Wong recently discovered that LinkedIn was internally testing its own dark mode. In a tweet on her Twitter profile, Wong showcased what looks like a possible dark mode for LinkedIn’s web app.

In the tweet, we see a basic display of Wong’s LinkedIn profile with the company’s new dark mode theme applied. Like many dark mode themes, the app uses a combination of black and dark grays instead of bright whites and lighter grays.

As I said above, dark mode should really be mandatory, and it’s time LinkedIn did its part. Although most of that feeling comes from simple personal preference, I do think there’s a lot to be said about dulling the brightness on a computer screen. For those of us who spend hours at a time looking at a screen, all of the bright white can take its toll on our eyes. Dark mode is a nice break from that annoying, bright white.

There is no word on when or even if LinkedIn will release this dark mode. Wong is very accurate with her findings, so the company is at least testing the idea. Hopefully, the app will become the next social platform to embrace the dark side and help give us all a break from the light.

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