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Linkedin now has a ‘no politics’ setting – here’s how to use it

Is this the greatest feature a social platform has ever added? Maybe.

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LinkedIn, the popular professional social media app, is working on a new way to help clean up users’ feeds. The platform has recently added a “no politics” setting that people can use to block the growing amount of political content that people are seeing on LinkedIn.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky sat down to talk about the new feature. He spoke about the kind of content that LinkedIn considers political and what users can expect from trying out the new option.

LinkedIn is on a mission to make its platform more appealing to wider audiences as it continues to grow. There has been a huge shift in the labor market since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. And that has drawn more users to the professional social network in search of career opportunities.

“We’re seeing a lot of Gen Z join the network right now,” Roslansky told The Journal. “We’re seeing the platform evolve much more to cater to them.” Additionally, it’s that push that has led to the “no politics” feature that blocks content about political parties, candidates, election outcomes, and more.

How to enable LinkedIn’s no political posts setting

As of now, LinkedIn’s “no political posts” feature is only available to some users in the United States. Like many other features like this, it looks like the platform is rolling it out to its users gradually. Here’s where you can find the setting if it’s available to you.

Click the profile icon in the top right and select Settings & Privacylinkedin no politics feature how to
Scroll down and click Feed preferences under the Site preferences setting
linkedin how to for removing politics from your feed
Change the “Do you want to see political content in your feed?” toggle to No
You will get a confirmation beside the toggle letting you know your changes have been saved

Once you turn that setting to the “No” option, you should stop seeing any content related to politics on your LinkedIn feed. Again this feature is currently only available to some users, but it should be coming to more soon.

“If they find it effective, if it’s helping them better accomplish what they’re trying to accomplish on LinkedIn, then we’ll roll it out to more,” said Roslansky about expanding the feature.

It looks like LinkedIn users are pretty happy with hiding political posts so far, so I would expect that it will become available for everyone on the site soon.

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