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LinkedIn redesign brings Zoom integration, improved search, and… Stories?

Because every social platform needs Stories.

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For the first time in almost five years, LinkedIn is getting a redesign for its website and mobile app. The updates hit at a pretty opportune time, as more people are working from home and spending more time connecting digitally.

The updates include things like video chat integration, improved search features, and the flavor of the year, Stories. LinkedIn highlighted all of these new features in a blog post that released last week. The company has also added new photo frames that basically act as a “looking for work” sign and LinkedIn says that people that use this photo frame are “receiving 40% more Inmails from recruiters and 20% more messages from the LinkedIn community.”

As for video chat integration, with just a click of a button, you can start a Zoom, Teams, or BlueJeans by Verizon call. It’s a small update that can be found in a user’s profile, but again, as more of us are working from home, it’s a simple quality-of-life update that can save everyone a bit of time.

Linkedin meetings on iphone

Image: KnowTechie

On the search end, LinkedIn has bolstered its search feature to make results more relevant. Now it will be easier to find events, groups, specific people, and more directly from the search results page.

Finally, we have Stories, the infamous social media trend that has found itself into almost every social media platform in the past year or two. LinkedIn promises that the feature makes sense for the network but let’s be honest, that really comes down to the person sharing the Story, doesn’t it? LinkedIn frames it as a new form of water cooler talk.

TechCrunch notes that this isn’t the same Stories effort that LinkedIn talked about in 2018, which had a focus on students, instead, this is a global focus meant for all users.

Overall, all of these are solid updates to LinkedIn, but the real question is, will I ever get around to reading my 95 unread messages?

What do you think? Do you use LinkedIn often? Excited for any of these updates? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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