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Facebook really, really wants people to use its new Voter Information Center

Facebook really wants you to know that it cares.

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As Facebook continues to get dragged through the dirt for a variety of things, the company is continually pushing against the bad news with PR moves that are supposed to inspire confidence. Now, as the US gets closer to the US presential election, the company that has been accused of letting voter manipulation run rampant is running – you guessed it – an ad campaign.

The new campaign is intended to push people to the polls to vote. It’s part of National Voter Registration Day, which is the last fourth Tuesday of every September. Now, for this week, Facebook will be hosting a “Weeklong Registration Drive at the top of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger Apps to Help People Register for This Year’s US Election.”

In addition, the company plans on running a “More Questions, More Answers” ad campaign that points people to Facebook’s Voter Information Center. This section of the social site provides various resources regarding elections, voting, and more. The campaign will be broadcast on “national broadcast, cable, radio and digital homepage takeovers within lifestyle and news outlets.”

Facebook notes that 39 million people have visited the company’s Voter Information Center and that it will continue to update it with information as the US presidential election gets closer.

One of the biggest updates (coming next week) will relate to early voting aspects and will include information about poll locations, times, and more.

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