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Looking for the perfect haunted house? 1ByOne has you covered with 2 awesome deals

Want to have the sickest haunted house on the block? 1ByOne has some two deals to get you started.

Anyone can throw a spooky sounds CD on and try to get a few kids to wet themselves on Halloween. Real pros, however, take pride in their craft and add extra effects to make their haunted house truly daunting. Our friends at 1ByOne have put together 2 specials that will make any plain haunted house into something legendary.


HALLOWEEN DEAL – 1byone 400-Watt Fog Machine & Remote Control
10/14/2015 – 3/30/2016

Every good spooky house needs a fog machine. This isn’t even a suggestion. However, finding a great fog machine with awesome ratings that costs less that a family trip to McDonalds is a little more difficult. It features a hose drain for indoor use. Weighs under 5lbs, so it’s easy to move around. Creates enough fog to fill a living room or about a two-car garage, and doesn’t require any fans to disperse thick. Delivers multiple fog density outputs. You save $8.01 with this deal!

Original price: $35

Discounted price: $26.99 – Amazon


HALLOWEEN DEAL – 1byone 8.6″ Crystal Super LED Stage Light with Sound Activated & Dmx512 Control
10/14/2015 – 3/30/2016

So now you have the smoke machine, now you need the disorientating lights to make sure you get the full effect. This stage light works way better than any novelty item that you’d see at a party store.With voice and sound activation, you can sync lighting to the best jump-scares or throw the baddest Halloween parties. The varying speeds and color options will also help you maximize the lighting effects. You save $10 on this awesome deal!

Original price: $42.99

Discounted price: $32.99 – Amazon

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