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Elon Musk wants to charge folks $1 for a ride in its 150-mph Loop ride in LA

LA traffic sucks. Elon Musk’s 150-mph Loop transit system buried under the city hopes to change that.

A ride on Elon Musk’s proposed Loop transit system could cost as little as $1. The vacuum-tube “personalized mass transit” system could carry up to 16 people and travel at 150 miles per hour, according to CNET.

The Loop, proposed for the Los Angeles, California area, could include hundreds of small stations, about the size of a single or double car parking lot. Musk said the tunnel currently being proposed is 2.7 miles in length and will run north to south parallel to the Interstate 405 freeway.

Privately funded, the Loop could take passengers from Los Angeles International Airport to Downtown in under eight minutes.

The Boring Company, which is much smaller than Musk’s other companies, has found some exciting ways to raise money for the Loop. For example, it raised $7.5 million selling $500 flamethrowers that are set to arrive this spring. Musk said they might also sell Lego-like bricks.

What wasn’t announced on Thursday: When the Loop would be open for daily customers.

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If you live in the LA area, do you plan on checking out Elon’s new boring tunnel? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments. 


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