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LucidPix is an iOS and Android app that lets you take 3D photos from your phone

Want to take 3D photos but don’t have a newer smartphone? This app could help.

lucidpix 3d app for smartphones
Image: LucidPix

Ever wanted to be able to send moving, 3D photos to your friends but have an older smartphone? Well, later this year you’ll be in luck, as LucidPix uses AI cleverness to render 3D photos that you can tilt, without needing multiple cameras or any accessories.

You can also convert existing images to trippy, moving ones; perfect for those humblebrag Instagram food pics.

Ever wanted to send trippy photos to your friends? Grab LucidPix when it’s out and you can

LucidPix claims to use AI to make all your images 3D, with the ability to pan or tilt around the picture. Traditionally, this has needed extra hardware or complicated software, but now all you’ll need is your existing smartphone, no matter what camera configuration it has. That’s pretty neat.

  • LucidPix creates 3D images that can be shared to places like Facebook that support the format
  • There’s no additional hardware needed, no time-of-flight sensors, no depth maps, nothing but the app and your existing smartphone camera
  • The free version will watermark all your snaps, or you can pay $60 yearly ($6 monthly) for the unlocked version

What do you think? Is this something you’d use? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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