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World of Warcraft: How to build a fire mage

This guide will show you how to play fire mage and fully master the game class, build formation, tactics in PVP and PVE, positioning.

Mage in world of warcraft
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The fire mage in World of Warcraft is one of the strongest AoE classes that is able to destroy large groups of enemies and avoid taking damage due to mobility.

The character has enough resources to deal strong single and AoE damage, with additional fire burns that will continue to deal damage to the target.

The class is mana dependent but has enough resources and attacks to replenish it, not for full-fledged procasts, but enough to regenerate MP right in battle and continue the battle.

If you want to learn how to play fire mage not according to guides but to fully master the game class, build formation, tactics in PVP and PVE, positioning, then you can go to the Skycoach website and order the coaching service in World of Warcraft.

A professional trainer will contact you and begin systematic training to make you an effective player on the Wow servers.

What has changed with the release of patch 10.1 for World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Phoenix Flame now deals damage and applies an additional burning effect on the target equal to 6% of the damage taken. When you re-attack a target that is affected by Embers, the power of the next phoenix flame is increased by 200%.

Damage from all attacking skills increased by 10%, the chance and power of burns that deal additional damage became even stronger.

Due to the emergence of new characteristics and the impact of the collected sets of equipment on the overall damage, the talents that enhance specific skills began to prevail over the rest

Skills and their priority depend on how efficiently and quickly you manage to assemble a set of equipment from two or four items.

You will receive new equipment from raids and dungeons, and here are a few recommendations:

  1. Strive to form kits for equipment of any level – this will increase your damage and abilities.
  1. A decoration in the game that will increase your damage is an armor plate hardened in the flame of Darkness. By installing two of these on your hero, you can get a chance to impose a strong debuff on the enemy you are attacking.
Female character in world of warcraft
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Strengths and weaknesses of the fire mage class in World of Warcraft


  • One of the strongest AoE potentials in World of Warcraft. Especially if you manage to keep enemies close to each other.
  • Increased damage against an enemy whose health is close to 20%.
  • Has no limit on the number of targets for AoE damage.

Weaknesses of the fire mage class in WoW

  • The overall potential is reduced if the targets are mobile and cannot be held together in a large group to deal damage.
  • Damage is accelerated at the expense of one target and transferred to other enemies, and if the selected enemy is not sufficiently survivable, then the scheme must be started anew, and the damage must be dispersed over a new one.
  • For effective damage, you need to constantly use skills that are dependent on each other, and if the timings are wrong, you need to start all over again and disperse the damage over a new one.
Female character in world of warcraft game
Image: KnowTechie

Characteristics that will help the mage to increase damage and better carry out PVP and PVE attacks

Each playable class has its own special characteristics that prevail from the first level, and their strengthening can significantly affect the attacking and defensive potential, as well as the regeneration of basic resources.


A key parameter that is inherent and important to all characters who specialize in magic of various types and depend on the mana pool.

Fortunately, the parameter is pumped through various equipment and simply by gaining levels. All equipment of high and legendary quality, in addition to all the main characteristics, also gives an additional increase to the level of intelligence.

The characteristic also directly affects the power of a critical attack, the overall damage from the use of magic, and the total mana, which is extremely important for long-term procasts in battles against monsters and other players.


In World of Warcraft, the speed parameter includes not only movement but also the speed of attack and casting spells.

It is extremely important for the mage to be mobile and cast skills as quickly as possible in order to be able to throw as many magic spells at the enemy as possible and destroy him and allies before retaliation and the enemy gets to the caster.

Despite the fact that all mages have the ability to jump, which breaks the distance with the enemy, the enemies have enough funds to get close to the mage again and deal damage from a distance.

Therefore, it is extremely important for the caster to be able to not only resist attacks with the help of skills, but also simply physically run away from sources of damage.


A general parameter that develops from the first level and increases the attack and defense parameters for your character in a balanced way, depending on the game level and available equipment and accessories.

The higher the versatility parameter, the greater your ratio of attack and defense relative to the enemy.

This is how the difference in damage depending on the game level is determined and is one of the reasons why a character with a lower level will always yield to a more pumped player, even if the game skills are much higher.

The attack power of your main skills will also depend on the versatility indicator and not just on intelligence and critical attack chance for magic.


A heroic anime character is seen engaging in an action-packed adventure game in a screenshot from the popular pc game world of warcraft.
Image: KnowTechie

Mastery controls the strength and effectiveness of all offensive and debuffing skills.

The passage of negative effects is affected by your mastery indicator, character level, enemy indicators, and his resistance to magic.

Against strong opponents, each attack and negative effect will be worth its weight in gold since the chance of passing will not be very large, and you need to improve your chances in all possible ways, including parameters.

The characteristic also affects the general attacking capabilities of the class in battle against monsters and other players.

When the combination of skills goes through the whole, the cycle does not go astray, and the procast works to the fullest, causing huge damage to opponents.

Critical hit

The last parameter in the list, but not in value. A critical hit is the chance of a simple attack or magic of any type to deal double damage with a certain probability.

For a mage who is constantly wielding a large number of skills, it is extremely important to have a chance to increase his damage even more, especially if the critical hit hits several spells, including those that form the basis of the entire cast.

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