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MageQuit is your new favorite wizard brawling party game – PAX West 2019

Sling spells and blast your friends.

magequit gameplay
Image: Bowlcut Studios

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I heard about MageQuit by Bowlcut Studios on Twitch, where I’ve watched someone play pretty regularly. It looks simple enough: Control a wizard in a top-down environment, sling spells, and blast your friends into oblivion in an arena that’s different every round. I got the chance to play at PAX West, where I got wrecked, and here’s what it’s like.

The game starts simply: You decide if you’re going to play a free-for-all or a team-based match, then everyone drafts their basic, starting spell, which ranges from a small gust of wind to a thrown rock to a sparkly cloud that gradually damages enemies and heals allies. Everyone dives into battle, the score for the round is tallied up when the dust settles, and the next round starts.

Check out the trailer for MageQuit

The interesting part is that between rounds, you draft your next spell, with the player in last place drafting first. You get lots of spells, from your primary to your defensive and your movement to your ultimate, and draft order is decided differently every round. Do you want to try your best immediately or should you throw the first few rounds to get good drafting order for the rest of the series?

Ultimately, you get three rounds total with all of your spells, so choose wisely and, as they say, get good. Then, when you finally start to get a grasp on the chaos, the game is over and you start from scratch again.

MageQuit is top-down, wizard Super Smash Bros. but nobody can get really good with one character or move set. It’s also all physics-driven, allowing for some bizarre, interesting combinations of spells.

If all of that sounds like it’s up your alley, MageQuit is available now on Steam Early Access for $10, will go up to $15 for full release later in September, and will also see a full release on Xbox One. The desktop version supports up to 10 players in online and local co-op, the Xbox One version supports 10 online and 8 local, and there will be a Nintendo Switch version coming sometime in 2020.

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