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How to make engaging interviews for your vlog

Looking to up your vlogging game? We’ll outline how to make your vlogging interviews that much more interesting.


Vlogging has perhaps become the popular content sharing trend, as it involves doing so by posting interesting videos. Instead of writing long paragraphs of text, a vlog is much like an online television offering embedded videos.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make engaging video content for your video blog (vlog) is to shoot interviews. Well, that is because such a video does nothing but only talking with an expert and getting the views. All you need to do is find an expert who is willing to talk to you as an interviewee.

Okay, so you may find an interviewee through a trade show, take a video interview using Skype, and convert the video into the right format using But is that all to make your interview videos engaging? Well, there are some more things to consider, which are revealed below.

Start with a Light Interrogative Conversation

Once the shooting screen is on you and the interviewee, consider asking some light questions instead of rolling into the real ones. For example, you may start by asking, “From where you brought such a nice pair of goggles?”, “Did you get the time to see the new iPad?”, or “Are you planning for an adventurous vacation this summer?”

Asking such questions is like doing a warm up before starting the actual workout. Still, what’s the benefit? Well, doing so makes the interviewee more comfortable, as there is now no fear of camera in the mind. This is most likely to make the interviewee talk naturally throughout the interview.

Avoid Stressing Professional Flawlessness in Speech

One of the biggest mistakes while taking a video interview is to aim for perfection in speech. Well, this genuinely takes away the benefits of natural and friendly tone, which is essential to bring more viewers to your vlog.

So, it is perfectly all right to have ‘Ah’, ‘Umm’, and ‘Oh’. After all, such casual phrases make your interview original and natural. Remember, not all people are same in terms of how they speak in front of the camera.

However, majority of us feel a bit odd or nervous, especially if it is the first time. While a few individuals are great orators, the rest require support and assistance to say in a manner that makes the topic interesting.

So, it is wise to prepare the questions by keeping this fact in mind. This is the key to get the best from your interviewees.

Continue Shooting Even if You End the Interview

Once you have asked all questions, you may thank the interviewee and conclude the interview. As usual, you may then switch off your camera. Well, it is recommended not do so, as most of the times, the conversation is likely to continue for some more time.

Why? That is because the interviewee is likely to talk more freely, as all the ‘professional pressure’ of the interview is now over. This free talk is more likely to make your interview more engaging, as the interviewee often provides some of the best tips, advice, or warnings.

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