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Master English reading comprehension with iTalki: Strategies for success

Becoming proficient in English reading comprehension is a journey that demands regular practice and the implementation of proven strategies.

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Reading comprehension plays a crucial role in language proficiency and academic success.

Whether you’re a student preparing for exams, a professional seeking to enhance communication skills, or an English language learner aiming for fluency, strong reading comprehension abilities are essential.

This article delves into effective strategies and techniques to improve English reading comprehension.

By implementing these strategies and practicing regularly, you can develop a deeper understanding of written texts, expand your vocabulary, and sharpen critical thinking skills. Or you can also take English classes online to deepen your comprehension skills.

Activate prior knowledge

Before diving into a reading passage, activate your prior knowledge about the topic. Scan the text for headings, subheadings, and any visual aids like graphs or images.

Relate the topic to your own experiences, opinions, or existing knowledge. This process helps create a mental framework for understanding the text, making it easier to grasp new information and establish connections between ideas.

Engaging with the text actively from the beginning sets the stage for effective comprehension.

Develop skimming and scanning techniques

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Skimming and scanning are valuable techniques to quickly gather information from a text. Skimming involves reading quickly to get a general sense of the main ideas, key arguments, and overall structure.

Scanning, on the other hand, involves quickly searching for specific information by focusing on keywords, phrases, or numbers. Practice these techniques by setting a time limit and purposefully reading various texts.

Regular practice will improve your speed and accuracy, enabling you to identify important details efficiently.

Enhance vocabulary skills

A strong vocabulary is essential for understanding complex texts. Regularly engage in activities that expand your vocabulary, such as reading extensively, using vocabulary-building apps, or studying word lists.

When encountering unfamiliar words while reading, make a note of them and look up their meanings.

Understanding new vocabulary in context helps you grasp the overall meaning of the text and aids in inferring the meaning of unfamiliar words. Strengthening your vocabulary will significantly enhance your reading comprehension abilities.

Master effective reading strategies

Employing effective reading strategies can significantly improve comprehension. One such strategy is making predictions based on the title, headings, or introductory paragraphs.

Predictions prime your brain to anticipate what the text might contain, making it easier to connect new information with your existing knowledge.

Another useful strategy is summarizing key points or creating mental or written outlines of the text. Summarization helps consolidate your understanding and aids in retaining important information.

Develop active reading habits

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Active reading involves engaging with the text critically and asking questions while reading. Challenge yourself to analyze the author’s arguments, identify the main ideas, and evaluate the evidence provided.

Take notes, underline or highlight key passages, and write marginal annotations to interact with the text actively.

Asking questions such as “What is the author trying to convey?” or “How does this information relate to the main idea?” enhances your comprehension and fosters deeper thinking about the text.

Practice with a variety of texts

Diversify your reading materials to expose yourself to different writing styles, genres, and subjects. Read news articles, opinion pieces, academic papers, short stories, and novels.

Each type of text presents unique challenges, allowing you to hone specific comprehension skills. For example, news articles improve your ability to extract relevant information quickly, while academic papers enhance your analytical and inferential skills.

Regularly challenging yourself with a variety of texts will broaden your comprehension capabilities.

Join reading groups or book clubs

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Participating in reading groups or book clubs provides an opportunity to discuss texts with others, exchange interpretations, and gain different perspectives.

Collaborative reading not only deepens your understanding but also exposes you to diverse viewpoints and interpretations.

Engaging in thoughtful discussions about the text can enhance your critical thinking skills and expose you to new ideas. Additionally, these groups offer a supportive environment for practicing comprehension strategies and developing a reading community.


Mastering English reading comprehension is a journey that requires consistent practice and the application of effective strategies.

By activating prior knowledge, developing skimming and scanning techniques, expanding vocabulary, and employing reading strategies, you can enhance your comprehension skills.

Engaging in active reading habits, practicing with diverse texts, and participating in reading groups can help unlock a world of knowledge and understanding.

Remember, regular practice and perseverance are the keys to becoming a proficient reader of English.

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