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Meta announces Make-A-Video, a new AI video generation tool

Another day, another clone from Meta.

make-a-video ai tool from meta
Image: Meta

AI generation tools continue to make waves, with companies like OpenAI and TikTok all putting tons of money and effort into the up-and-coming technology. Now, Meta is joining in on the action with Make-A-Video.

This new tool, announced today in a Meta blog post, lets people turn text prompts into short, “high-quality” videos.

According to the website, text prompts can create short viewing experiences that match surreal, stylized, and realistic art styles. The tool can also add motion to static images and blend motion from multiple pictures.

Meta notes that videos are created using publically available datasets. Additionally, the AI framework behind the technology will continually be refined to improve the technology.

Ultimately, this is just another stepping stone in our ever-growing AI future. Yes, the technology is impressive, but you have to wonder what this means for the future of writing and art.

Yes, these tools give more people access to create what they imagine in their mind, but as we’ve seen time and time again, that’s not what this will be used for.

It will be used to manipulate people and search results while taking away income from digital creators who have spent years fine-tuning their craft. That same craft that the AI framework uses to create generative “art.”

AI video generator has revolutionized video content creation. They employ AI and deep learning to automate the process, enabling rapid, efficient video production.

This democratizes content creation, benefitting both professionals and amateurs. However, ethical concerns surrounding misinformation through manipulated content continue to be a critical issue in the adoption of AI video generators.

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