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Meta tests way to quickly switch between Facebook and Instagram

You’ll be able to quickly switch to another account, and even another platform, through Accounts Center.

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Meta is testing a new feature for its social platforms, Instagram and Facebook. The company is working on a new interface that will let users quickly switch from Facebook to Instagram with just a few taps.

Revealed in a blog post earlier this week, the new feature is being developed for iOS, Android, and the web-based Instagram and Facebook apps. It’s currently being tested globally on all platforms.

After you add your various Instagram and Facebook profiles to Meta’s accounts center, you can access those accounts from either platform.

This new feature lets you quickly switch to another account from your Accounts Center. Your Accounts Center will also include notifications, so you can keep up with your notifications with a quick glance.

Meta account switching test
Image: KnowTechie

First, on Android and iOS, selecting a different account will automatically bring up the new app.

The feature lets you switch from Facebook to Instagram and back without even having to head to your phone’s home screen.

Secondly, on the web, choosing a different account from the Accounts Center will open whichever app is in a new tab. That gives you instant access to your other social profiles with just a simple press of a button.

Meta is also making it easier for users to create new accounts and profiles across its platforms.

Users can create new accounts and profiles from the Accounts Center, automatically linking them to pre-existing accounts.

This is a nice quality of life upgrade from Meta. Facebook and Instagram have become more and more interconnected over the years.

And this new tool will make it easier to switch between the two with a couple of simple steps. Keep your eye out for this new feature on your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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