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Instagram will soon let you auto-block unwanted nudes

It’s still in early development stages, however.

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Meta is working on a useful new feature that could make your time on Instagram less creepy. A new tool is in the works that will let users block nude photos and unwanted messages on Instagram.

The in-the-works feature was originally discovered by mobile developer and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi and shared on Twitter. Meta later confirmed to The Verge that the feature was, in fact, being developed.

Meta says this new feature will work somewhat like the ‘Hidden Words’ feature currently in place.

Hidden Words lets you filter out your direct messages by blocking hateful or offensive words. But this time, the focus is on unwanted dick picks.


Unsolicited nudes are, unfortunately, a very real part of the internet. Sexual harassment comes in many forms, and one of the more popular ways is with unsolicited nudes on platforms such as Instagram.

This new feature hopes to stop that for Instagram users by letting people block the nudes automatically. Meta confirmed to The Verge that this doesn’t mean the company is looking through your messages.

Instead, the goal is to be able to automatically monitor and block those unwanted messages without compromising your privacy.

“We’re working closely with experts to ensure these new features preserve people’s privacy, while giving them control over the messages they receive,” said Meta spokesperson Liz Fernandez to The Verge.

The feature is currently still in the early development stages. And it will likely be quite a while before we see it make its way to the general public.

Meta says we’ll hear more in the upcoming weeks as the company gets closer to testing. But I think it’s pretty safe to say that blocking unwanted nudes on Instagram will be a welcome feature for many people on the platform.

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