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The DALL-E 2 AI image generator is now available to everyone

You don’t need to wait for an invitation anymore.

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AI image generator, DALL-E 2, has been one of the biggest tech surprises of the year. Now, OpenAI has ended the invitation-only registration, and it’s available for everyone to try out.

OpenAI initially opened up DALL-E 2 for testing by invitation back in April. Since then, the image generator has become an extremely hot topic, and OpenAI expanded its beta testing to 1 million users a few months ago.

And now it’s available to everyone. If you’re unfamiliar at this point, DALL-E 2 is an artificial intelligence that can turn text prompts into unique images. Its design has led to several copycats, including one from TikTok recently.

As it turns out, moderation was the major reason for waiting this long to launch DALL-E 2 to the general public.

Because the AI scours the entire internet for references to create its images, OpenAI had to ensure that it has strong filters to exclude certain content from its image generator.

The platform wants to avoid things like sexual or violent content. Additionally, avoiding the threat of misinformation or social biases is paramount to ensure that DALL-E 2 isn’t used maliciously.

But now, OpenAI feels that it has its moderation features and filters in place. And with that protection, the company has opened DALL-E 2 up to the public with no need for an invitation.

Go ahead and visit the OpenAI website and give its image generator a try for yourself.

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