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New PS VR2 trailer shows off gameplay and hardware

The new trailer shows off Horizon Call of the Mountain footage and more.

playstation vr2 headset and controllers
Image: Sony

Sony’s next virtual reality headset, the PS VR2, revealed itself this week in a new teaser video. The snippets of gameplay shown off have got us all excited for the early 2023 release date.

The glimpse of the new hardware in the video is cool too. The PS VR2 controllers look super slimline and well-designed. The controllers should also have 6-Dof motion control, since Sony is known for that.

The headset seems sleeker too, with lots of comfortable-looking padding around the eyes and a neat adjustable headband. That’s a big point, since most VR headsets are clunky and uncomfortable over time.

The tastiest part of the video is when it starts showing off game footage. The big PS VR2 title? Horizon Call of the Mountain, an entirely new VR experience with a new protagonist.

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Guerrilla does say that Aloy will make an appearance at some point in the story, but until then, you’re walking your own path.

Climb and slide on the mountainside, fight the usual deadly machines, and a new “hidden danger to the world of Horizon.”

Sounds great, and this might be the title that makes me buy both a PS VR2 and a PlayStation 5. There are a ton of details about the PS VR2 hardware on the Horizon page.

These include a 4K HDR display, haptic feedback from the headset, as well as controllers. Finger sensing, so you can interact with VR in a natural fashion. Spatial audio, and more.

PS VR2 looks like it’s going to be amazing, and I almost can’t fault Sony for not making the new PS VR2 hardware back-compatible with PS VR titles. Almost.

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