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This streamer just beat every Nintendo 64 game ever live

That’s 296 games in the last five years.

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If you’re like me and many other gamers with a massive backlog of games that you’ve been meaning to play through, you might want to check out this streamer for some motivation.

Twitch streamer Samuel “Acegamersam” Girard recently completed a gaming feat that no one has claimed to complete before. In just around 5 years, Acegamersam completed the entire library of Nintendo 64 games live on stream.

Yes, we said the entire library. That’s a total of 296 games, everything from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to Superman. You can check out their 8-hour run of Ocarina of Time down below.

The project started with Acegamersam’s passion for collecting classic games back in 2009. After selling off a few old games from their childhood, Acegamersam told Kotaku that they felt much more inclined to start collecting games instead of selling them.

“I felt heartbroken to part ways with games from my childhood,” they said. “I figured I’d rather find and keep my childhood games.”

And so the collection began. Sam focused on retro titles for consoles like NES, SNES, N64, and SEGA Genesis. Once the collection started building up, Sam decided to go for full completion of the 296 Nintendo 64 games.

But the journey didn’t stop with the Nintendo 64 collection

Here’s where the fun began. After completing the full N64 collection, Sam decided it was time to play some of these games.

Sam then started playing games like Super Mario 64 on their Twitch stream and began to build up an audience. And with the entire collection, Sam could have their audience request any Nintendo 64 game for them to complete.

Then, working with their community still, Sam got the idea to complete the entire collection. In their Discord group, viewers would decide which games to play next and help establish rules for “completion” of some games.

And through this crazy challenge, Sam actually discovered a few games that they had never heard of before that were pretty fun.

“I had the chance to play games that I never had as a kid, or [had] never heard of before,” they told Kotaku. Games like Ogre Battle 64, Jet Force Gemini, and Mischief Makers stood out as hidden N64 gems.

And so, after five years, Acegamersam completed the entire list of 296 Nintendo 64 games. So, that’s the end of the story, right?

Not quite. Now, Sam has set their sights on completing all 200 games that feature Sonic the Hedgehog. And here I am struggling to make my way through the Assassin’s Creed title that came out three years ago.

Acegamersam is a true gamer, and these challenges are incredibly unique. It’s got to be so tough getting through some of the less polished and outright bad games that have come out.

But nothing’s stopping Sam from proving themselves in these gauntlet gaming challenges.

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