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Some genius has made 3D Minecraft in Minecraft

It turns out it you actually can play Minecraft inside Minecraft.

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The time has finally come. After more than a decade of development and evolution, someone has finally made Minecraft in Minecraft using only redstone.

That someone is Reddit user real_sammyuri. Along with help from a couple of friends, real_sammyuri was able to accomplish what Minecraft redstoners have been talking about for years.

If you’re unfamiliar with Minecraft, redstone is a resource inside the game that is somewhat similar to electricity in the real world.

You can use redstone to do automated tasks like opening doors, creating elevators, or even idly farming other resources.

But redstone capabilities stretch much farther than simple tasks. Many users much smarter than I am have been able to create all kinds of things inside Minecraft with redstone.

There have been cell phones that can actually make calls. And there’s even a full-blown computer capable of playing games like Tetris or Snake that real_sammyuri also created.

Snake is one thing, but 3D Minecraft in Minecraft?

minecraft in minecraft
Screenshot: Reddit user real_sammyuri

But what real_sammyuri was able to do with redstone goes even further than that. With a total of 7 months of work, real_sammyuri and their team were able to rebuild the entire 3D game of Minecraft…inside of Minecraft.

I won’t even begin to pretend like I understand how this is possible. The team used a combination of redstone circuits and previous creations to make a gaming console inside the game.

There’s even a dedicated graphics processing unit as part of the build.

And it all translates to a 96 x 64-pixel screen where you can play Minecraft in Minecraft.

I’ve played a decent bit of Minecraft myself. In my few hundred hours of gameplay, I’ve dabbled in some redstone farms and contraptions, mostly guided by YouTube tutorials.

But I could never imagine the kind of knowledge and skill that it must take to pull something like this off.

The team used digital resources to create digital computer components that were able to play Minecraft inside Minecraft on a digital screen. My brain hurts just thinking about it.

While most everyday Minecraft players will agree that this seems like a foreign language, it’s incredibly impressive what gamers can pull off.

I can’t wait to see what the future of Minecraft looks like and what kind of creations will come next.

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