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How to see deleted Reddit posts and comments

The best Reddit posts and comments are often deleted. Here’s how to get them back.

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When diving into the comments section of a Reddit post, there’s almost nothing more disappointing than seeing a deleted comment or thread that you know had good entertainment value. Wouldn’t it be nice to see deleted Reddit posts and comments?

It’s the forbidden fruit effect in action. The moderator—or Redditor—who nuked the material is saying, “I don’t want you to see this,” which, naturally, makes you want to see it more.

Thankfully, “removed” doesn’t mean erased from history. Let’s discuss how to view deleted comments and threads on Reddit.

How to view deleted Reddit posts and comments with Unddit

Unddit is one of the quickest solutions for viewing deleted Reddit content. By adding a bookmark to your browser, you can revive dead comments and threads with the click of a button.

Here’s how to use Unddit to view deleted Reddit content:

  1. Go to Unddit

  2. Drag the big red Unddit button to your bookmarks bar or Right-click and choose Bookmark this Linkunddit home page

  3. Open a Reddit post and click your Unddit bookmarkreddit comments section

  4. Enjoy viewing deleted contentunddit service showing deleted reddit comments

User-deleted comments appear in blue; whereas those removed by a moderator appear in red.

Content that was either deleted too quickly or too long ago won’t appear on the page, which means timing is important. If an archiver didn’t capture a comment before it vanished, it may be lost forever. However, older content may still be salvageable.

Use Wayback Machine to view deleted Reddit content

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Internet archivers, such as Wayback Machine, may retain information longer than tools that focus specifically on Reddit.

However, to view deleted content, a snapshot must exist of the time when the comment or thread was still alive. In many cases, the timing won’t line up.

As a last resort, pasting the Reddit URL—especially if it’s an older post—into Wayback Machine is worth a try. But don’t be disappointed if your efforts are in vain.

Should you dare gaze upon deleted Reddit comments?

Now that you know you can resurrect deleted comments and threads, you should probably ask yourself whether you should.

Often, content gets nuked for a reason, and absorbing all of that too-hot-for-Reddit material may have unforeseen consequences.

For example, reading a particularly contentious comment could cause your brain to liquefy and boil inside your skull. This is a known side effect of encountering internet trolls or particularly controversial content.

But if you’re the brave and adventurous type, the potential entertainment value in reviving deleted content may be worth the risk.

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