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How to turn on Reddit dark mode

Tired of being blinded by Reddit? You have options.

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If you’re a late-night Reddit adventurer, switching to Dark Mode could have several benefits. To do that though, you’ll need to know how to turn on Reddit’s dark mode.

Some people claim that Dark Mode reduces eye strain in low light. On top of that, using darker themes could diminish blue light exposure, which is important at night if you want to keep your circadian rhythm in check.

Switching to Dark Mode may also help conserve battery life. But, most importantly, Dark Mode looks sweet. Are you ready to go dark? Let’s discuss how to enable Reddit’s Dark Mode on the website and mobile app.

Enable Reddit dark mode on the desktop site

Here’s how to enable dark mode on the Reddit website:

Go to Reddit and click your Profile iconHow to turn on reddit dark mode

Toggle Dark Mode onHow to turn on reddit dark mode desktop

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Going dark is as easy as that. If you want to switch back to the regular, white, eye-scorching theme, you can do so by toggling Dark Mode off at any time.

Enable Reddit dark mode on the mobile app

Here’s how to enable the feature through the mobile app (Android and iOS):

  1. Launch Reddit and tap your Profile icon
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  1. Tap the Crescent moon icon beside Settings
Dark mode button on reddit app
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If the Dark Mode button doesn’t appear, automatic preferences may be interfering. By default, Reddit mirrors the theme of your mobile operating system.

If you want to manually control the feature, you’ll need to switch Auto Dark Mode off in your Reddit Settings.

Mobile settings on app
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In the Dark Mode section of the app, you also have the option to switch between Night and Midnight (AMOLED) themes. Midnight (AMOLED) makes your display as dark as it can go without becoming a black hole.

Reddit Dark Mode is easy to control

Dark Mode has become a standard feature for most apps and operating systems. Some people swear by its eye-saving abilities, while others can’t stand it. Whatever your stance on going dark, at least the social app makes toggling the setting simple.

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