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The new Xbox Elite 2 Core controller is a cheaper alternative

It’s $50 less than the original Xbox Elite 2 controller with many of the same features.

xbox elite core controller main

Microsoft’s Xbox Elite 2 controller is one of the best controllers on the market, but it’s a bit expensive at $179.99. So Microsoft has now released the Elite 2 Core controller for $50 less.

The Xbox Elite 2 Core controller is essentially the same as the original Elite 2 controller. It features adjustable-tension thumbsticks, a rubberized grip, and hair trigger locks. And this time, it comes in white.

What’s different and makes the Elite Core 2 more affordable is that it doesn’t come with the extra Elite accessories. You don’t get additional thumbstick options, the standard D-Pad option, or any of the back paddles.

The Elite 2 Core controller also doesn’t come with the carrying case or charging dock that comes with the original.

Of course, all of these accessories will still work with the Elite 2 Core controller, they just aren’t included in the $129.99 purchase.

If you want those extra accessories, you’ll have to purchase the separate Complete Component Pack for $59.99.

And with that price, you’d be better off buying the original Elite 2 if you want all of the components.

But this is a nice addition to the Elite controller family from Xbox. You get the core aspects of the Elite controller, like adjustable thumbsticks, button mapping, and the wrap-around rubberized grip, for $50 less than the original.

And if you want to add paddles or have the carrying case, you can get the Complete Components Pack in the future. Seems like a win-win for Xbox gamers.

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