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Sony reveals new customizable PS5 DualSense Edge controller

It’ll cost $199.99 and release on January 26.

playstation dualsense edge wireless controller
Image: Sony

After a couple of months of rumors, Sony has finally revealed its new Pro controller for PlayStation consoles. The DualSense Edge Wireless is a new upcoming “high performance” gaming controller built to rival the Xbox Elite controller.

The company officially revealed its upcoming controller in a blog post earlier today. Sony describes the controller as “ultra-customizable,” and it has tons of features that are meant to upgrade your gaming experience.

PlayStation’s Pro controller customization starts with adjustable triggers and remappable controls. The controller’s joysticks can be tweaked with different sensitivities and dead zones to be tailor-made to your hands.

You can swap between different controller profiles on the fly using the DualSense Edge’s integrated Fn button.

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The onboard interface even lets you adjust volume and tweak your controller settings in-game without having to back out into menus.

Sony will also let you interchange the joystick caps on its Pro controller with three different options: standard, high dome, and low dome. And there are two programmable back buttons that you can switch between half-dome and lever design.

ps5 dualsense edge controller on purple background
Image: KnowTechie

Sony is even letting you replace individual stick modules on the DualSense Edge Wireless in the event that they ever wear out a little too much.

The DualSense Edge will release on January 26 for $199.99.

Xbox charges $180 for its Elite controller, and there are plenty of Pro controllers that are even more expensive than that.

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