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Booting up your Xbox Series X|S just got a whole lot faster

The latest Xbox Insider update lets the console boot up 5 seconds faster.

xbox series x with a green glow
Image: KnowTechie

Microsoft’s latest Xbox update lets you boot up your console even faster. The most recent Xbox Insider build of the console’s software helps the Xbox Series X|S boot up about 5 seconds faster than before.

After some users started noticing faster load times on their Xbox Series X|S consoles, Xbox’s Director of integrated marketing, Josh Munsee, took to Twitter to confirm the good news.

“Can confirm – worked with @harrisonhoffman and @jakerose27 to create a shorter boot up animation (~4s) from the original boot up animation (~9s), helping to reduce the overall startup time,” reads Munsee’s post.

The new, faster boot times are available on Xbox Series X|S consoles that are set on Energy Saver mode and not Standby. Standby mode still has the faster boot times overall, but Energy Saver mode uses much less power.

So with the new update, you can save some energy and still get faster boot times. It’s a win-win.

And it looks like Xbox Series X|S consoles aren’t the only ones benefitting from the update. Jake Rosenberg, Xbox’s senior product manager, shared that “Xbox One generation consoles are booting noticeably faster with these changes.”

This is a cool update from Xbox. Now you can get back to your Xbox Series X|S games a few seconds faster, even when booting up your console from Energy Saver mode. It’s always a big win when gamers can back into their games faster than before.

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