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Can the Xbox Series X lay on its side?

Here’s everything you need to know about setting up your gaming area with your new Xbox Series X.

xbox series x announcement
Image: Microsoft

Quick Answer: Yes, like its predecessors, the Xbox Series X was made to be able to lay it on its side. However, there may be a couple of minor inconveniences.

The Xbox Series X has made its way to the market, and the bulky design has been compared to a mini-fridge.

The huge brick-like design is a bold and maybe questionable decision by the team at Xbox. To be fair, it’s what is inside the latest console from Microsoft that really matters.

The new 8-core AMD processor paired with a custom RDNA 2 GPU helps the new Xbox keep up with some of today’s high-end gaming PCs.

While it is what’s inside the machine that really matters, it can be a source of pride for gamers to set up their consoles and gaming spots so they look the best they can.

xbox series x console
Image: Unsplash

I’ve said it before, my setup has to have the perfect amount of empty Dr. Pepper cans spread out across it, or it just doesn’t feel right.

While some may question the design of the new Xbox, it can still be made to fit well in any gaming setup.

In the past, the Xbox has been known to be versatile in the ways it can be set up.

The Xbox One looked just as good sitting vertically as it did horizontally. This might have some people wondering if the Xbox Series X can be displayed horizontally.

So, will the Xbox Series X work if you lay it on its side?

Short Answer: Yes

Like its predecessors, the Xbox Series X was made to be able to lay it on its side. However, there may be a couple of minor inconveniences.

xbox series x laying on side next to TV
Image: u/responseAIbot / Reddit

When the console is set vertically, there is a round stand attached to the bottom to allow for better airflow and cooling to the vent.

This stand is not removable (shown below) and is considered an eyesore when the console sits horizontally.

Microsoft notes it’s important to maintain proper ventilation to prevent overheating. All console sides should have at least 4-6 inches of clearance. Also, avoid placing your console inside an enclosed cabinet and ensure that none of your console’s vents are blocked.

While it is not too distracting, it can slightly reduce the console’s symmetry. Additionally, the Xbox symbol on the front of the console is oriented for vertical positioning.

xbox series x stand on purple background
Image: KnowTechie

These aren’t necessarily huge issues, but it seems clear that the Xbox was designed with vertical positioning in mind.

That said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with laying the console on its side. Go ahead, be a rebel. Stick it to the man.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lay the Xbox Series X on its side without a stand?

Yes, you can lay the Xbox Series X on its side without a stand. However, Microsoft recommends using the stand that comes with the console to help keep it stable. So, take heed of their advice and use the stand to keep your Series X firmly planted on its side.

Is there any risk of damaging the Xbox Series X if I lay it on its side?

No, if you lay it on its side, there is no risk of damaging the Xbox Series X. The console has been designed to work in either a vertical or horizontal orientation, so you can game with confidence in whatever position floats your boat.

Will the disc drive work properly if I lay the Xbox Series X on its side?

Yes, the disc drive will work properly if you lay the Xbox Series X on its side. However, you should be aware that the disc drive will be oriented vertically, which some users may find inconvenient. So, if you’re the kind of gamer who wants seamless disc-swapping action, you might want to stick with the vertical setup.

Will the Xbox Series X overheat if I lay it on its side?

No, the Xbox Series X is designed to dissipate heat no matter what orientation you choose, so you can keep calm and continue gaming even if you decide to go horizontal.

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