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You can now play Xbox One discs offline on your Series X

Most Xbox One titles will no longer require an internet check before you can play them.

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Xbox Series X|S owners have noticed a handy update to their consoles. The company has addressed its DRM issues, and you can now play Xbox One discs without an internet check or download.

Xbox gamers on Twitter began noticing the update recently, confirmed by one of the company’s engineering leads, Eden Marie.

Interestingly, the update has been available since the 2206 update earlier this summer. But users just recently started to notice the update in practice.

Previously whenever you would insert a physical Xbox One disc into your Xbox Series X|S console, an online compatibility check was required before you could start gaming.

Additionally, your console would download an updated game version online instead of installing it from the disc itself.

However, Xbox determined that was unnecessary for the majority of Xbox One game discs. The update eliminated that step from many Xbox One discs, unlocking them for offline installation and play.

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Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Many games will require some sort of update just to be playable. And others, like Halo Infinite, don’t even contain the full game on disc.

So having an internet connection is still necessary for gaming on an Xbox Series X|S.

However, this update means that you’ll still be able to play at least some games in the event of an internet or Microsoft server outage.

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