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This absolute gamer beat Halo Infinite’s campaign on Legendary without taking a hit

The challenge took seven hours to complete thanks to skips and other tricks.

halo infinite master chief
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Halo Infinite’s campaign has been out for nearly two months now. Tons of gamers have already made their way through the story. But one YouTuber has taken things to the next level by beating the game’s hardest difficulty without taking a single hit.

YouTuber Simply & Slick was issued a challenge in a comment in one of their videos to complete a full run of Halo Infinite’s campaign on Legendary difficulty without taking a single hit from enemies. It sounds like an absolutely ridiculous task, but Simply & Slick was up for the task.

Fortunately, the challenge didn’t require the run to be completed in one life. A run like that would take weeks, or even months, to plan and complete. And that’s assuming it’s even possible.

Instead, Simply & Slick would automatically kill Master Chief every time they took damage. That would restart them at the latest checkpoint so they could try again. Check out the compilation of the run with the death counter in the top right:

Interestingly, it was the initial level that seemed to give Simply & Slick the most trouble. After adding a lot to the death counter at the first boss fight against the brute Tremonius, they came up with a plan.

Simply & Slick stacked up a pile of fusion coils from around the room and piled them together. After luring the boss over, they blew up the fusion coils to burn the boss down quickly, finishing it with a few Needler bursts.

This Halo Infinite campaign challenge got a little easier after Tremonius

After that fight, things seemed to get a little easier. Using a combination of exploits, like breaking out of levels and finding an infinite-ammo scorpion cannon, Simply & Slick was able to make their way through the entire campaign without taking a single hit.

In the end, they ended up with 239 deaths. That might seem like a lot, but you have to remember that any old grunt that gets off a lucky shot with a plasma pistol ends means you have to die and start over at the last checkpoint.

This is an incredible challenge completed. I’m sure 343 Industries didn’t have this kind of run in mind when they created the Halo Infinite campaign, but leave it to gamers to go above and beyond. If you want to check out the full, uncut run from Simply & Slick, you can find the seven-hour playlist here.

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