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Here are the games you absolutely need to look out for in February

There’s a huge variety of titles launching in February.

horizon forbidden west february games 2022
Image: Guerrilla Games

At the time of writing, Microsoft has just announced its forthcoming acquisition of Activision-Blizzard. Included in the deal is King, so Microsoft will probably be able to survive for the next few decades just from the extra lives your wino aunt buys in Candy Crush.

And while we’re excited to see Bobby Kotick launched into the sun as soon as the ink dries on the contract, and it’s going to be great working through Call of Duty and Diablo via Game Pass, we occasionally try to live in the here and now.

This is why we’ve been delving into what titles are coming out in February. Here are some of the coolest games you might want to get your grubby paws on in February. So let’s get to it.

East and West

Dinosaurs are awesome. So are robots. Put them together and you get some kind of prehistoric T-1000. Or Horizon Forbidden West, which hits PS4 and PS5 on Feb 18. The first title in the franchise exploded onto the scene in 2017 and is already regarded as one of Sony’s best IPs.

You’ll take control of Aloy again, but the years since the last entry have seen her learn all-new acrobatic abilities and discover even more vicious dinobots (not the ones from Transformers).

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Seemingly, Koei Tecmo never got this message though, as Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires comes to PC, Switch, PS4 and PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on Feb 15.

The concept is largely the same in each installment – hack and slash your way through hundreds of thousands of identikit enemies in order to conquer opposing generals – but the Empires spin-off adds tactical elements to bring added depth to the gameplay.

If nothing else, it’s awesome fun hopping on a horse, galloping into a crowd, and murdering your way back out again.

Wanted: Undead or Alive

It’s a little early for Halloween (or late, depending on your perspective), but that’s not something Techland cares about. Dying Light 2: Stay Human finally launches on PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on Feb 4. The first game won a metric butt-ton of awards both before and after release, and fans have been waiting with bated breath since the sequel was announced.

Retaining the first-person viewpoint of the original, it expands on the upgrade systems, adds plenty of branching storylines, and the lead developer has claimed it’ll take more than 500 hours to 100%.

We don’t know if there’s a Mass Effect-style ‘bang everything that walks’ option, but if there isn’t, not being able to quite literally fuck a zombie’s brains out seems like a missed opportunity.

Maybe you don’t want too much storyline when you’re killing (re-killing?) zombies. Maybe you just want a fresh soul to annihilate. In that case, Evil Dead: The Game might be more to your taste. It looks similar to Dead by Daylight in a lot of ways, featuring co-op and PVP play, multiple maps from the iconic horror series, and loads of weapons.

While it’s dark and slightly scary-looking, it also seems to capture the comedic personality found in the films and TV show. You’ll even get to wield Ash’s famous chainsaw. Groovy!

Burning your eyes

Death end re;Quest 2 brings sexually charged JRPG goodness to Switch on Feb 8. PS4 and PC gamers have had the title since February 2020, so now Nintendo fans are going to see what all the fuss is about.

A quick word of warning: like other titles by Compile Heart, there’s plenty of fan service scattered throughout like the pervy chocolate chips in a fresh, cum-covered cookie. It’s never the focus of their games, but each one seems to mount, straddle, and grind on the lines of acceptability in video games.

Alternatively, Beat Souls comes to Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X|S this month. Unlike Death end re;Quest 2, the burning in your eyes comes from ultra-bright artwork and graphics, as well as fast-moving icons hurtling at your corneas.

You’re tasked with moving your character to the beat of each tune while also collecting souls. Each of the playable characters has different skills, and like any other rhythm game, it goes from ridiculously easy to finger-bleedingly fast.

It launched to mixed reviews on PC in late 2021, but it has enough personality to make it an interesting choice now that it’s hitting consoles on Feb 16.


Live through the eternal conflict of chaos and order in Total War: Warhammer 3. Based on the world-famous, wallet-draining tabletop Warhammer game, this strategy game puts you in command of your very own army as you attempt to dominate the opposition. Play it on PC from Feb 17.

Martha is Dead looks like one of the most interesting titles we’ve seen in a long time. This first-person psychological thriller is set in World War 2 and looks like it’s going to fuck with your head in lots of different ways. It looks absolutely stunning and takes advantage of the added grunt Series S/X and PS5 offer.

Expect to deal with creepy, supernatural elements, hallucinations, and an exploration of grief from Feb 24. Along with next-gen consoles, PS4, Xbox One and PC gamers can also jump into the ‘fun’.

February 2022 Games – The Verdict

New Year, New Me has taken on a whole new level this year. We can no longer lament the fact there aren’t many next-gen exclusives. Some would say we’ve been beaten into submission, but for once we’re going to take the positive approach and appreciate the fact that more people can get their hands on new titles.

There’s a decent range of stuff out this month. Rhythm-action fans and pervs are sorted. So is anyone who likes having their head messed with. Evil Dead and Dying Light offer a heavy injection of violence and brutality, and Horizon scratches the blockbuster itch.

All around, February is a pretty damn good month with plenty to offer to carry us through the colder parts of the year.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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