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Does the Steam Deck have expandable storage?

Games are getting bigger and you can never have too much storage.

steam deck handheld
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For a long time, the handheld gaming space has been dominated by Nintendo with devices like the Switch and the DS. But now, Valve is looking to enter the market with the introduction of its Steam Deck.

The Steam Deck is essentially a mobile computer that has been built with the express intention of playing games from Valve’s Steam library. Steam has been a staple in PC gaming for years, and the company is now looking to expand the platform’s reach to a mobile device.

The Steam Deck is available in a few different options, with the main difference being the size of the internal storage available. But what about expandable storage? Will you be able to beef the handheld console up with more storage space using an SD card?

Can you expand the storage on the Steam Deck?

Short answer: Yes.

Valve is very aware of the growing size of video games today, so the company has made sure to design the Steam Deck with an SD card slot. You can even load up multiple microSD cards with games that you want to play and switch them in and out whenever you feel like it.

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As a note, the two more expensive Steam Deck options with more storage will be fitted with NVMe internal storage, which will be much faster than a microSD card. So, if speed is one of your top priorities when gaming, then one of the more expensive options might be better for you.

Otherwise, you can easily get away with opting for the cheaper, 64 GB model and just add microSD cards for storage whenever you need to.

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