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How much does a Steam Deck cost

Valve is currently offering three different Steam Deck models.

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Quick Answer: There are three Steam Deck models with different storage options. The 256GB LCD is $399, the 256GB OLED is $549, and the 512GB OLED is $649.

Valve’s handheld gaming PC, the Steam Deck, is one of the biggest innovations in PC gaming in recent years.

Originally announced in July 2021 and released in February 2022, the Steam Deck aims to take your Steam library on the go. It can play thousands of Steam games in a single all-in-one unit.

While not as powerful as many gaming PCs, the Steam Deck has proven incredibly desirable. There’s just something about taking your Steam library mobile that people love.

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There are a few different purchase options for the Steam Deck, though the differences are minimal. Keep reading to find out exactly how much a Steam Deck costs.

How much is a Steam Deck?

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Before we get into the different Steam Deck cost options, I want to discuss what the different versions offer.

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Storage is the only difference between Valve’s three different Steam Deck models. The base version has a 64GB eMMC drive, while the other models offer more storage and a faster NVMe SSD platform.

How much does a Steam Deck cost?

  • 64GB eMMC version: $349
  • 256GB NVMe SSD version: $399
  • 512GB NVMe SSD version: $449
ModelStorageScreen TypePrice (USD)
Steam Deck64GBLCD$349 (While stock lasts)
Steam Deck512GBLCD$449 (While stock lasts)
Steam Deck256GBLCD$399
Steam Deck OLED512GBOLED$549
Steam Deck OLED1TBOLED$649

If you’re worried about the device’s storage capabilities but don’t want to dish out the more expensive options, there’s no need to worry. All three versions come with a MicroSD slot, so you can add more storage to your device if you need to.

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The Steam Deck‘s cost is justifiable

It’s clear that the Steam Deck‘s allure isn’t just in its portability or the novelty of a handheld gaming PC—it’s also about the value it offers across its range.

From the budget-conscious refurbished 64GB model to the top-tier 1TB OLED powerhouse, the Steam Deck costs are set to cater to a variety of gamers and their needs.

Whether you’re looking to jump into the world of mobile PC gaming without breaking the bank or you’re ready to invest in the ultimate on-the-go gaming experience, Valve’s pricing strategy ensures there’s a Steam Deck for every type of player.

So, choose your model, consider your storage needs, and get ready to take your favorite games wherever life takes you.PlaySettings

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