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How much is the Steam Deck OLED?

The OLED model costs more because it has better features, including a high-quality OLED screen with excellent contrast and color depth.

A pair of hands holding a steam deck oled gaming handheld with a colorful spiral galaxy on its screen, against a vibrant purple background.
Image: KnowTechie

Quick Answer: The Steam Deck OLED starts at $549 for the 512GB model, offering an upgraded display and increased storage compared to the original Steam Deck.

Well, the rumors were true. Valve’s at it again, shaking up the handheld gaming scene with the all-new Steam Deck OLED, and it’s got everyone buzzing.

This isn’t just any refresh; it’s like the original Steam Deck went on a tropical vacation and came back with a tan that’s got everyone talking.

And it’s not just about the pretty screen, though. The Steam Deck OLED is flexing some serious muscle under the hood with a storage upgrade that’s nothing to sneeze at.

As eye-catching as the new OLED display is, with its promise to make your games look as sharp as a tack, the real buzzkill could be the price. Because let’s face it, we want our games to look crisp without our wallets feeling the crunch.

This image shows an open steam deck oled  portable gaming device revealing its intricate internal components including a battery, circuit boards, and cooling fan against a purple background.
Image: KnowTechie

Everyone from weekend warriors to die-hard gamers are itching to know how deep they’ll have to dig into their digital piggy banks for this piece of gaming hardware.

Before you start reallocating your snack budget to fund this purchase, let’s peel back the curtain and see if the OLED version is worth its weight in gold or if it’s more of a ‘nice to have’ than a ‘need to have.’

How much is the Steam Deck OLED?

Short Answer: The Steam Deck OLED is available starting at $549 for the 512GB storage model.

The OLED model’s price reflects its enhanced features, including the high-quality OLED screen known for its superior contrast and color depth.

As noted in the hands-on reviews from Kotaku and CNET, the new model provides a more premium feel and performance, justifying its higher cost.

But hey, not everyone’s looking to splurge.

For the budget-conscious gamer, Polygon points out that the OG Steam Deck is still kicking around with a new, wallet-friendly price tag of $349 for the 64GB model.

PriceModelStorageDisplayProcessorConnectivityBattery LifeExtrasAvailability
$549.00512GB OLED512GB NVMe SSD1280 x 800 HDR OLED, 7.4″ Diagonal6 nm APUWi-Fi 6E50Whr; 3-12 hours (content-dependent)Carrying case, Steam profile bundleNov 16, 10am Pacific
$649.001TB OLED1TB NVMe SSD1280 x 800 HDR OLED with anti-glare etched glass, 7.4″ Diagonal6 nm APUWi-Fi 6E50Whr; 3-12 hours (content-dependent)Carrying case with liner, Steam bundle, Exclusive startup movie, Virtual keyboard themeNov 16, 10am Pacific
via Steam

In the end, the Steam Deck OLED isn’t just stepping up to the plate; it’s hitting a home run for anyone craving a major league portable gaming upgrade.

Sure, you’ll need to pony up a few more bucks compared to the starter model, but the leaps in display dazzle and storage space are tempting enough to make any gamer think about swinging for the fences.

So, is it worth loosening the grip on your coin purse? If having the sleekest, most vivid gaming sessions on the go is your goal, this might just be the investment that scores you the winning run.

The Steam Deck OLED will ship to customers on November 16 and can be purchased from Steam’s website. It is currently only available directly from Steam, similar to the original Steam Deck.

Steam Deck OLED

The Steam Deck OLED has a slightly larger screen at 7.4 inches but the same 1280x800 resolution, HDR support, an upgraded battery at 50Wh, Wi-Fi 6E, and a new 6nm APU that should be better for battery life.

What we liked: 7.4-inch OLED screen running at 90Hz refresh rate
New 6nm AMD APU for better battery life
Bigger 50Wh battery for between three and twelve hours of playtime
Improved storage capacity on every tier
Limited Edition model with transparent case and 1TB of storage
Wi-Fi 6E
What we didn't like: Low resolution screen
Tricky to use games from non-Steam launchers
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