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Lenovo Legion Go looks beefier than Steam Deck in leaked images

New leaked images finally reveal the existence of Lenovo’s first Windows-based gaming handheld, the Lenovo Legion Go.

New Gaming Handheld Lenovo Legion Go
Image: KnowTechie

The handheld gaming market is getting more attention than ever. What started with Valve’s Steam Deck was nothing short of a revolution, which continued with ASUS’s ROG Ally. Now, it looks like Lenovo has the helm with the Lenovo Legion Go

However, this isn’t the first time Lenovo dabbled in the handheld gaming territory. The company was rumored to launch an Android-based device called Legion Play, which was ultimately a no-show. 

So, a month earlier, when we reported the Legion Go rumor, we wondered how this new handheld would stack up against major players like Steam Deck or ROG Ally. Fortunately, we now have leaked images of the device, which look very good! 

Lenovo Legion Go really exists!

A Lenovo LEGION electronic device with a multimedia gadget, display device, and camera is displaying text on its windowsreport.
Source: Lenovo via Windows Report

The initial report about the Lenovo Legion Go didn’t reveal anything except the name. So, we were skeptical.

Thankfully, Windows Report lifted the veil of mystery from the Lenovo Legion Go with a new leak, where the outlet shared detailed images of the handheld device from multiple angles. 

According to the images, Lenovo’s take on PC handheld looks quite similar to the Steam Deck or ROG Ally but also takes cues from the Nintendo Switch. 

Lenovo Legion Go looks excellent with Joy-Con-like controllers

Windows Report has revealed that the Legion Go sports an 8-inch display, which is considerably larger than the 7-inch displays of the Deck or Ally.

The device also features Joy-Con-like slide-out controllers and has the same kickstand as the Switch.

A Lenovo YI M13 Legion laptop with everyday carry accessories surrounding it.
Source: Lenovo via Windows Report

However, Legion Go’s controllers aren’t exactly similar to Nintendo Switch. While the controllers are detachable, the design is a combination of Switch’s flat and Steam Deck‘s outlined grips. 

We noticed what looked like a touchpad on the right controller. In contrast, Steam Deck features touchpads on both controllers. We speculate the display to be touchscreen as the controllers are detachable. 

That said, the most important takeaway from the images is the fact that Lenovo Legion Go is thick. Thicker than thick, in fact.

ASUS hastily steered off from making the ROG Ally bulky, compromising the device’s battery life. However, Lenovo isn’t shy about making Legion Go beefier. 

Lenovo Legion Go with Joy-Con-like Controllers
Source: Lenovo via Windows Report

Windows Report also mentioned that Legion Go will run Windows 11, meaning you can enjoy all Windows games on this upcoming gaming handheld. 

The previous report suggested AMD Phoenix processors like the one in the ROG Ally and other upcoming Windows handhelds will power the Legion Go. However, we have no confirmation yet. 

Moreover, the release window and the rest of the specs are still unknown. Hopefully, we will get more information in the coming weeks. Until then, let’s stare at these leaked images some more.

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