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Sony announces new, free PlayStation Stars loyalty program

Gamers will be able to earn rewards for playing games on their PlayStation.

playstation 5 controller on table dualsense
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Sony has revealed its new PlayStation Stars loyalty program that awards PlayStation gamers for completing specific tasks on their PlayStation consoles. The company plans to launch the new loyalty program sometime later this year.

We learned about this new program from a blog post on the PlayStation website. The news comes just a month after the company finished rolling out its revamped PlayStation Plus subscription service.

PlayStation Stars will be a completely free-to-join loyalty program that any PlayStation gamer will be able to sign up for. It will have a series of “campaigns” that it rolls out constantly to offer various rewards for completing certain tasks.

playstation stars logo
Image: Sony

One campaign, called “Monthly Check-In” will reward gamers for simply playing a game on their PlayStation console every month. Rewards will include things like PSN wallet funds and certain PlayStation Store products.

Other campaigns will include more difficult challenges, like winning tournaments, earning specific trophies, or being one of the first to earn platinum rewards in some AAA games. PlayStation Plus subscribers will get extra rewards, like earning loyalty points for PlayStation Store purchases.

With the introduction of PlayStation Stars, Sony also plans on introducing new “digital collectible” rewards.

These rewards will include digital representations of things that relate to PlayStation gamers, such as character figurines, old-school hardware, and more. Also, don’t worry, these aren’t NFTs.

Sony says it plans on launching these new features sometime before the end of this year. However, we didn’t get any more details about a potential window for the PlayStation Stars launch.

Additionally, the company confirmed that this was just the introduction of the new loyalty program. PlayStation Stars will continue to evolve over time, offering up different kinds of rewards as it continues to develop.

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