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MetaMorph takes heavy influences from games like Diablo 3 but with a interesting twist

Hack and slash your way through over 75 levels, dynamically switching between classes on the fly

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With over a year in development, MetaMorph is looking to join the ranks of games like Diablo 3 to bring an interesting spin in the realm of dungeon crawlers.

Unlike games like Diablo, where you choose a class and build that character throughout your playtime, MetaMorph has you dynamically switching between three classes in over 75 dungeons with each class having its own strengths and weaknesses. Instead of grinding for gear, players will be grinding for abilities to better dispatch enemies and solve dungeon-themed puzzles.

I had the chance to play the game at PAX East this year and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game. Coming from countless hours of Diablo 3, the actions aren’t quite as smooth as Blizzard’s offering, but it never felt clunky. The deceptively simple controls start to show themselves as you find yourself switching between characters to overcome the variety of enemies and obstacles you’ll face.

Graphics and sound are solid, with the game running very smoothly during the demo. The art style is inspired and feels right at home in a world of action RPGs.

The game has been in development for a little over a year, with it being in Steam Early Access for a couple months now. The team behind the game, FireFly Studios, is best known for their Stronghold series but wanted to flex their creative muscles on a new venture. In addition to Steam, the team is also working on a Switch release and the ever popular couch-op experience.

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