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Microsoft Teams is now offering 24-hour web-based video calls for free

Yet another video call option for friends and family.

microsoft teams meeting
Image: Microsoft

With many people still working from home and digital meetings and conferences becoming somewhat “normal,” video conferencing solutions that are easily accessible are in high demand.

Many people flocked to Zoom, but it didn’t take long for other companies to start making their own options more accessible.

Take for example Microsoft Teams, which is now offering a web-based video call option for people. And, the best part? It’s free.

Also, only the person starting the Teams meeting has to have a Microsoft account. Everyone else can simply join via a link.

The new Teams feature also allows for a staggering 300 people to join the room. You’ll also be able to see up to 49 other people in a grid-like view or through Together Mode, which puts everyone into a virtual environment.

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For the chat portion, people can even join in on the conversation through SMS, which is definitely a nice little addition, especially if you have family members who don’t want to mess with learning something new (it’s me, I’m family members).

With the holidays upon us, and many people spending less time with their friends and family, it’s obvious that Microsoft is hoping that people will use its video option for seeing people over Thanksgiving and Christmas, but you have to wonder if they aren’t a bit late coming to market, with so many other options already in people’s minds.

What do you think? Could you see yourself using this over something like Zoom? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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