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This clever camera app lets you be anyone on Zoom

Seriously, is nobody sick of Zoom gimmicks yet?

Xpression camera app for zoom
Image: KnowTechie

Unless you hibernate between March and December, the likelihood is that you are aware of the impact of COVID. We are heading into our ninth month of a global pandemic and the world has changed as a result. Forever, probably.

So, what do we do when we, as the human race, are faced with cataclysmic shifts in social dynamics? We make virtual cameras for Zoom, of course! This is what xpression has achieved with its latest app, the xpression camera.

You can be anything you dream of

Well, mostly anything. The xpression app acts as an overlay for your camera in Zoom meetings. It works by taking an image of another person, famous or not (let’s say the Mona Lisa, for the sake of a really unimaginative argument), and it puts your all-day-morning-breath mouth where Mona’s mouth should be. What…you brush your teeth to work from home? Pfft.*

Obviously, hilarity can then ensue as you deliver an entire meeting on financial forecasts to the board of directors with a pretend face. Your mouth waxing lyrical over the top of Arnold Swarzenegger’s cakehole is a surefire way to earn that promotion. You go, tough guy!

*I brush my teeth. What are you, some sort of untamed beast?

Beating the “Home Office Blues”

Elon musk xpression camera

To be honest, your 4-millionth Zoom call of 2020 could probably do with sprucing up a bit. The xpression camera app is a great way to add a frisson of fun to your otherwise drab daily Zoom calls. You could always save it until Friday and at least try to inject a bit of life into each other.

Perhaps you all appear as a different theme every week, with characters decided before the Friday call. Obviously, this doesn’t allow you to disguise the fact that you’re on your third glass of wine and it is only 2 pm (although your slurring words and drunken japes may also give the game away). If you want to drink on the job, pretend your camera is broken. Or go freelance.

The app also has obvious applications where family Zoom calls are concerned. This could easily brighten up another conversation about new driveway tarmac or borked AC units. Stick your gob on Axl Rose’s face and give your family a heartfelt rendition of Paradise City instead, you boring bastards.

(Yet more) fun with Zoom

It might seem like we are drowning in a sea of Zoom mods, but xpression camera app is a fun addition to your online video-call repertoire. It definitely helps to keep the humdrum of home working more light-hearted, especially when we all feel the pressure of the current global situation.

There are many options available if you want to explore more ways to customize your Zoom call. Why not try changing the Zoom background to something downright fucking hilarious like a photo of your boss’ bedroom, taken from the foot of the bed, with your boss and their significant other fast asleep. LOL! Or maybe you want to just share photos of your most private bits via Zoom video calls. Pervert.

What do you think? Could you see yourself using this Zoom filter on a future call? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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