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There’s a new Apple Watch app that helps users with PTSD-related nightmares

This isn’t for everyone, you’ll need a prescription for it.

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Image: KnowTechie

If you have trouble sleeping due to nightmares related to PTSD and other stressors, the FDA has approved an Apple Watch and iPhone app that looks to help. Called NightWare, it’s actually a prescription-only app that looks to help people with trauma-induced sleep issues.

As reported by Engadget, the app will use various Apple Watch features like heart rate data and motion to track biometric inputs during sleep. It uses AI to study this data and predict when new issues may arise.

So, how does it help in the now? What does it do to (hopefully) alleviate these nightmares or stop them from happening outright? According to the NightWare website, “An intervention (smartwatch alert vibration) at [the] nightmare stress threshold is designed to arouse but not awaken the wearer—preserving the night’s rest.”

As Engadget and NightWare point out, this isn’t a one-stop-shop treatment, and the Apple Watch app should be used with traditional therapy and medication. The FDA approval comes after clinical trials. As for when users will be able to use the app, that is still in the air, but as stated in the intro of this article, it will not be available for general use, you’ll need to talk to your healthcare provider.

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