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The Mod Duo is going to make guitar pedalboards obsolete!

Introducing Mod Duo: a revolutionary high-fidelity pedalboard that allows you to download, arrange, control and share effects.

Mod duo starts it's kick starter today!
Mod duo - replacing pedal boards near you

As a semi-professional musician I would consider myself a bit of a “guitar gear snob.” It’s not that I don’t appreciate great sounding gear…..It’s more that there’s a ton of mediocre gear on the market which I’ve had poor experiences with.

Once in a while the guitar world is shaken from the ground level by new and innovative products that change the game. The 50’s introduced the Gibson Les Paul, the 60’s introduced Marshall Amplifiers, and more recently Fractal Audio Systems has introduced the first (IMHO) high-quality guitar amp and effect simulator in the Axe-Fx preamp/effects processor.

The difference between the amazing vintage gear I previously mentioned and a lot of the gear being manufactured and released today is that the newer stuff can finally capitalize on raw computing power to produce great tone.  Many companies have failed even when given the power of digital processing. I for the record cannot stand the digital crap tone of Digitech, Boss, and Line 6 amp simulations. Sorry guys but you’re just not getting it done.

I rarely get excited about guitar products I hear about. As a self-proclaimed “guitar gear snob” I know what sounds good and I am skeptical to stray from my formula to great sound.

However…….I have recently been made aware of a product that has certainly got my attention.


Mod duo starts it's kick starter today!

A new product is currently in development known as the MOD DUO, and it launched it’s KickStarter campaign today. This is a product designed with today’s technology in mind. This awesome product looks like the real deal. More importantly, the MOD DUO sounds like the real deal! The MOD DUO is essentially a compact and rugged digital pedalboard comprised of advanced algorithms which enable it to produce some of the most high quality sounds I’ve heard in an effects pedal. Reverbs and Choruses sound organic and beautiful….. Delays sound natural and awe-inspiring….and Overdrives and Distortions sound ferocious and convincing……you get the point! These are the kind of tones that inspire me to be at my most creative. Believe me…this is just scratching the surface of the MOD DOU’s capabilities.

Who Should Use a MOD DUO?

Any guitarist of any skill and experience level of course! In fact, this is the bread and butter of MOD DUO. It is absolutely useful for any guitarist period! For example, a novice beginner chasing the elusive delay tones of U2’s the Edge would find the MOD DUO extremely resourceful. After playing guitar for U2 for the day (kidding!), they could then hop onto the MOD social network to converse with tons of other guitarists with tons of knowledge to share. This makes the MOD DUO more than just a tone peripheral, but more of an excuse to network with other musicians and obtain the knowledge that only years of experience could give you.

Mod pedal

Personally, I’d use the MOD DUO for several purposes. As a practicing musician, I would find this pedal to be an indispensable tool to achieve high-quality tones while practicing and writing from home at low volumes. As a performing musician, I would love to throw this small, powerful machine into my backpack and take it to a gig. The setup would be ridiculously simple and there would be very little to troubleshoot if anything at all. Lastly, as a producer/engineer/home recording connoisseur, I would find the MOD DUO to be an essential tool in the studio to complete a project.

The Verdict…

With tons of mediocre effects processors on the market, the MOD DUO appears to have done it the right way. Powerful, high-quality effects integrated with a graphical interface that makes sense and promising social media capabilities makes the MOD DUO the first item on my early Christmas wish list!

Pros: Everything!

Cons: Where and when can I get one?

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