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Monster Hunter: World is now the best-selling game Capcom has ever had

MHW continues to decimate history.

monster hunter world
Image: VG247

Capcom has announced that with having shipped over 7.5 million units (including digital sales) worldwide, Monster Hunter: World is now the best selling game in the company’s history. So far, Monster Hunter: World has only been released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and will be released on PC later this year. Monster Hunter: World is now officially the fastest selling and most sold game in Capcom’s entire history.

Monster Hunter: World is the first title in the series to be launched simultaneously across the world, and was backed by an extensive worldwide promotional campaign to help build excitement and plant hooks into fans. Capcom has said that the game has 7 million players worldwide, per their release.

Our writer, Josh Knowles, gave Monster Hunter: World a nine out of ten, saying that the game was “really something special and something unique.”

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