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Must-have apps and software for every entrepreneur

The usage of software programs and apps can make your business thrive and run a lot smoother than before.

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Every entrepreneur and business owner should consider utilizing technology and implementing different applications and software for their employees. This can make things run much more efficiently and save time.

Also, it’s a great way of increasing productivity in the workplace, so it’s worth every penny spent on getting those programs to help you run your business properly. We’ve come up with several ones that can interest you and help your business grow.

Create Your Personalized Application

It’s quite possible to create your own app and have a company specializing in app development for businesses to customize an enterprise app that is suitable for your needs. It wouldn’t hurt to use this service to develop an app that is designed specifically for your business.

Many entrepreneurs want to simplify technology for the betterment of their company and get all the assistance and guidance they need from app developers that know how to conveniently change the way your business operates. Your company will grow and succeed thanks to these customized apps.


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Image: Dropbox

If you want your business to cut back on time-consuming duties, then having everyone on the payroll to use this app will be one of the best ways to do it. It’s designed to make you share and store important documents, images, and videos.

It can be seen and downloaded by anyone in the team, so you don’t have to worry about emailing each other constantly and losing track. Also, it has a version control feature, so if someone in the office hasn’t updated the app, then you can share the latest version with them. It’s convenient and saves time.


When you want things to be organized properly and to keep track of your duties and projects, then this tool can be the perfect method to set up every task, project, and report for your employees. You can access this on any smart device or laptop, so you will get everything ready and neatly organized for everyone in the company. It’s an amazing project management tool to have as an aspiring business owner.


Most companies implement digital marketing strategies that can help their business grow. One of those strategies requires them to utilize social media platforms to build communities and gain people’s trust. But sometimes this can be a hectic task to constantly do, so you should get Buffer to help you share your content and posts across different social media websites at once.

You can save a lot of time in the process. It won’t feel overwhelming to do this type of marketing now and the best thing about it is that it helps you post at the optimal time for a maximum number of followers to see the posts.


Image: Salesforce

Depending on what type of business you’re running some of your employees might be working on the move all the time, whether it’s because of fieldwork or business meetings overseas. So you can have access to a lot of your client’s information by using your phone, giving you the power of business analytics, marketing, customer service, and sales. Managing your business will be a lot easier using this app which will make you understand your clients and customers a lot better.


Another app that can be handy if you travel a lot is TripIt, which tracks all your trips. It can get a little hectic keeping up with every schedule and booking, so it’s best to have something that organizes everything for you by sending it to your email. This app will give you all the details and booking confirmation so you won’t have to miss any flights at all.

BasicSafe EHS Management Software

If you want your business to be a secure environment and promote safety procedures for all duties in the workplace, then having tools like this can help prevent any disasters or accidents from happening.

You should always utilize software programs that can send you notifications and warnings if there’s something amiss or a problem that might happen, so you can do all the necessary steps to fix it and keep your workers and employees safe and well-protected. You can decrease workplace injuries and increase your workers’ commitment which overall boosts productivity for your business.

The usage of software programs and apps can make your business thrive and run a lot smoother than before. They can make a difference in sales, profits, and customer satisfaction. You can easily access so many different tools that can reduce any time constraints and effort, so productivity levels would constantly rise and this will differentiate you from your competitors.

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