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Must-have apps for every service technician

When looking for a new app, make sure to choose the one with features that best suit your business, improving performance and, ultimately, bottom-line results.

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Field service apps are designed to track and manage service technicians’ performance outside the office. Businesses use field service apps to set up service orders, dispatch technicians, and track vehicle locations and order statuses.

Field service apps include technologies like live GPS tracking, route optimization, and automatic email and SMS notifications. Also, some service apps provide post-job marketing tools to improve customer experiences and grow your business. This article reviews the top six apps for every service technician.


CoolAutomation offers a suite of applications for monitoring, servicing, and controlling HVAC systems within the commercial, residential, and hospitality industries. One such app is the HVAC Service Provision application. This app allows HVAC service technicians to monitor, diagnose, and service HVAC remotely, saving costly and unnecessary travel time. Main features include:

  • Remote access and monitoring — remotely access the HVAC system from anywhere.
  • Real-time error alerts — receive immediate alerts of malfunctions and errors.
  • Analytics—troubleshoot problems and optimize the HVAC system’s performance by analyzing specific data parameters.
  • Historical performance data — review HVAC system health and performance to ensure optimal functionality.

Compatibility: Available on Android, iOS, and desktop.

Price: Pricing information is not available online. One has to request a price quote on their website.

Plumbing Formulator

Plumbers often need to solve complex formulas in the field, such as water flow and pressure, pipe sizes, or pump efficiency. The Plumbing Formulator app makes these calculations easier with over 120 useful formulas for plumbers and HVAC technicians.

The app allows plumbers to print and email specific formulas for future reference. Most frequently used formulas are then displayed in the app for quick access. The app also includes many plumbing charts that can be used to illustrate concepts clearly.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Price: The lite version is free. The Pro version costs $3.99.


GoTrackApp is a service dispatch for managing pickup deliveries and field services. You can use GoTrackApp for eCommerce, courier, food, laundry, and healthcare delivery. GoTrackApp features include:

  • Delivery operations management — dispatchers can use a web-based dashboard to assign tasks to delivery drivers, track drivers through a map, analyze and monitor delivery efficiency, and communicate with drivers. The dashboard can be viewed on mobile and desktop.
  • Agent app — drivers can navigate to their location via one-click mapping functionality, manage their tasks, collect signatures, or take photos as proof of delivery.
  • Customer notifications — customers can track their delivery on a map through a link they receive via a text message. Furthermore, they can rate drivers, tip them, and communicate with them by message or phone.
  • Customer feedback — you can monitor customer feedback in real-time to avoid negative reviews on social media. You can also leverage positive reviews to convert and upsell customers.

Compatibility: Available as SaaS, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android software.

Price: GoTrackApp offers a free plan for one driver and up to 200 tasks. Paid options range from $19 to $299, depending on the number of drivers, tasks, and notifications required.

Electrical Calculations

The Electrical Calculations app is a comprehensive calculator for electricians and electrical engineers. Electricians can find different formulas like Ohm’s Law, the formula of reactance, and impedance. The app also includes documentation for electrical components such as fuse class, appliance classes, tripping curves, all socket types, wiring color codes, and more.

Special calculations include:

  • Current and voltage
  • Active, reactive, and apparent power
  • Capacitor power at different voltages
  • Conductor resistance
  • Zener diode as a voltage stabilizer

Compatibility: Supports both Android and iOS.

Price: The lite version is free; the pro version is $2.49.

Fieldpoint MobilePro

Fieldpoint offers mobile solutions for security technicians, field service technicians, facility maintenance, and industrial equipment. Technicians can use Fieldpoint to access critical service information through smartphones and tablets. Businesses can manage the entire field workforce, increase service revenue, and reduce costs by giving their technicians a mobile solution.

Main features include:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) — have alerts trigger service requests and monitor changes in your customer’s equipment to achieve more uninterrupted uptime.
  • Dispatch software — gain valuable insight into your technicians’ actions and schedules and deliver them quickly to your customer.
  • Contract management — manage contracts with your customers while automating planned maintenance schedules, work orders, and invoices.
  • Reporting dashboard — user-friendly reports enable managers to see how departments, technicians, and service teams are performing.

Compatibility: Supports both Android and iOS.

Price: Free


BigChange is a mobile workforce management solution that connects back-office staff, mobile workers, and customers. The solution enables users to automate manual processes, reduce paperwork, and improve collaboration.

BigChange is used in over 60 industries, including pest control, field service, construction, HVAC, waste, plumbing, logistics, and many more.

Compatibility: Supports both Android and iOS.

Price: The pricing ranges from £14.95 to £89.95 per month, depending on the number of features you require.


Several new field service apps have excellent features to improve any business, such as payments, cloud backup, time tracking, scheduling, dispatch, tax information, contracts, document storage, inventory management, and more. When looking for a new app, make sure to choose the one with features that best suit your business, improving performance and, ultimately, bottom-line results.

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