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MyAirBridge is an easy way to backup or transfer your bigger files and essentials

MyAirBridge is a great idea for private use, and I can definitely see it working well for smaller businesses, too.

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Look, we’ve all had those times where you need to back up files. Your resume, family photos, or that favorite album from when you were 15 (yes, I still like Tool at 34 years old, sue me) will be in one place, and you’ll need to get them to another.

Not only do you need to hunt through an endless number of irrelevant pictures and old, pointless documents, but then you have the difficulty of actually transferring things. Your PC might be in a different city, state, or country. Or you can’t be bothered hunting for a spare USB-C cable.

Your choices come down to sifting through the cloud and deleting enough memes to make space for files or sending another pointless email to yourself, which will clog up your limited inbox. A third, magical option involves setting up a MyAirBridge account and transferring things that way.

What exactly is this thing?

The basic idea of MyAirBridge is that you copy a choice of files to their servers – whether that’s music or video files, game applications, or basic documents, and they’re downloaded elsewhere via email, link, or through your allocated storage space.

There are five tiers to take advantage of, ranging in price from completely free to 59.99 per month. Guest accounts don’t get any storage capacity and are also restricted to a total of 100 GB use every 30 days. They’re also limited to a maximum of 20 GB per upload/download. On the other hand, top-tier Enterprise accounts enjoy a storage capacity of 15 TB, unlimited uploads of up to 100 GB, and the ability to password protect any files sent.

An incredibly simple interface means you should have no trouble uploading and downloading your files. I tested out the top-tier Enterprise level by uploading 72 songs (a total of 732 MB) from my Samsung S20 and retrieving them on my PC.

Everything was clearly laid out with minimalist imagery and short text descriptions, so it’s easy to see whether you’re uploading to storage. I had absolutely no trouble picking the files I wanted – it uses your phone or PC’s directory after all, rather than a proprietary menu, and once confirmed, you’ll see how much is uploaded and how long is left.

If you’re using your phone to upload, closing your screen doesn’t stop progress, but it does seem to slow things down a little. Pausing also takes a little while to kick in, and files continue to upload for a few seconds after you’ve paused. Everything is quick to start up again once you resume, though.

Sharing the Love

Sending stuff to another person is just as easy. Select Send Files via Email or Send Files via Link, choose what you want to upload, and let the servers do their thing. The ability to add transfer expiration times means sending files in this way is an ideal option for one-time copying or when sending anything to friends and family. This method doesn’t affect your storage capacity either, so you don’t need to worry about consuming essential space. Perfect for the endless wait until your aunt finally downloads the family pictures from last Thanksgiving.

I transferred via email too, using the same 72 songs and a DRM-free game, altogether totaling 8.36 GB. The upload took a couple of hours, and my recipient was sent a link that took them to direct download of the files. If nothing else, it was an incredibly convenient way to send everything backward and forwards.

MyAirBridge is a great idea for private use, and I can definitely see it working well for smaller businesses, too. If you’re looking for an easy way to send larger files or folders from one place to another, you could do worse than what’s being offered through MyAirBridge.

Have any thoughts on this? What do you use to store data? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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