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Netflix is launching a dirt cheap $3 a month mobile-only subscription in India

Would you subscribe to a plan like this?

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Netflix has officially launched a new, $3-a-month subscription that’s mobile-only. The catch? You’ll only be able to use it if you live in India.

The Rs. 199 ($2.88) a month tier was just launched at an event in New Delhi, India earlier today.

You’ll be able to get a $3-a-month, mobile-only Netflix subscription – if you live in India

The earlier testing this year must have gone well, as Netflix has put the mobile-only, dirt cheap subscription tier into action.

The $3 tier will likely help Netflix inflate subscriber numbers at a time where everyone and their dog is launching their own streaming service to steal away attention. After all, there are only so many eyes in the world, meaning a set number of potential subscribers. Bringing a cheap plan to the market might just be what is needed to stay on top.

  • The $3 plan gives access to all of Netflix’s content, in Standard Definition, to one device
  • It’ll work on both Android and iOS tablets
  • Users won’t be able to cast or mirror content
  • It’s India-only
  • Indian Netflix subscribers use their mobile phones to consume content more than anywhere else in the world

I’d be tempted by a similar plan in the US, but I don’t know if I could go back to watching everything in SD.

What do you think? Would this be a plan you would be interested in if it came to the US? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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