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Netflix is, once again, raising the prices of its standard and premium plans


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In news that literally no one likes (except maybe shareholders), Netflix is once again raising the prices of two of its most popular plans.

The news is now hitting various outlets, with The Verge reporting that the standard plan will soon set users back $14 a month, while the higher, premium plan will be increasing to $18 a month. Previously, Netflix raised the prices of its plans in 2019. Apparently, another price increase was expected, but that doesn’t mean that we have to like it.

These price increases are currently coming to the US and a Netflix spokesperson tells The Verge that these price changes do not “influence or indicate a global price change.

The company says the price increase will be used to continue providing a “variety of TV shows and films.” Because nothing gets users fired-up for price increases like canceling shows after two seasons.

Netflix’s basic package, which runs $8.99 a month and provides video in stunning 480p, will remain the same.

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