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Netflix has removed its free 30-day trial option in many places around the world

Honestly, this isn’t terribly surprising.

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Netflix no longer offers free-trial membership in the US, as well as in a bunch of other markets. For many people, this came as a surprise, whereas for those that closely follow the streaming giant, this is not shocking news.

Netflix began cutting back on free trials as early as March 2019. They have been removing the 30-day free trial option quietly, market by market. However, even though almost every news site reported that the 30-day trial option was canceled worldwide, that’s not the case with some countries such as Poland, Switzerland, and North Macedonia, where it is still an option. It remains unknown if Netflix plans to remove the free trial option in these regions as well, and if so, when.

Earlier this year, in July, the company added 15 million new subscribers since the start of 2020. The overall impression is that they want to ride this trend for as long as possible, leaving no choice for people but subscribing.

A Netflix spokesperson confirmed that the company is pursuing different marketing strategies to allure new subscribers and provide the best possible Netflix experience. Furthermore, the Netflix spokesperson said that every new subscriber has the option to cancel their subscription online at any given time, change their plan freely, there are no cancelation fees, and there are no contracts.

Even though the free-trial option is fading away from the streaming service, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any free content. The thing is, viewers can watch some Netflix programs without a subscription. You go on their website or app, and you enjoy shows such as Stranger Things, films such as Bird Box, and a set of free documentaries. There is a decent selection of free content.

In any case, it is not just Netflix that doesn’t use the free trial option to attract new subscribers. Earlier this year, Disney+ canceled its 7-day free trial option.

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