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Netflix will host a live show starring Chris Rock in 2023

This will be the platform’s first move into livestreaming.

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Image: KnowTechie

Netflix is joining the livestreaming world, and its first live show will be a comedy special from the legendary Chris Rock.

The company revealed its plans in a blog post earlier this week. The special is coming sometime in early 2023 and will join Rock’s existing Netflix special, Chris Rock: Tamborine.

While the platform has been in the comedy special business for a few years, this will be the first live-streamed content that the platform produces.

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For Netflix, live content is a major change from what the platform is built on. Over the years, the company has developed a massive library of on-demand content users can hop in and watch whenever they want.

But live shows are a completely different animal. They rely on bringing people together to watch a specific event at a certain time.

Image: Netflix

Of course, the special could remain on-demand after the livestream. But the experience won’t be the same as watching it live while everyone is talking about it on social media.

Netflix has been considering livestreaming for the better part of this year. And the company isn’t a total stranger to live events.

The company held a live comedy event called Netflix is a Joke: The Festival earlier this year. However, the Chris Rock special will be the first live event streamed on the platform.

Netflix is a rollercoaster platform, with content that sometimes goes viral and becomes the only thing the world talks about for a few days.

The platform is likely hoping that virality will happen with its upcoming live special from Chris Rock.

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