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Netflix finally lets you log out of individual devices remotely

Before this, the only way to log out of remote devices was to force every device attached to your account to log out.

netflix on a macbook sitting on a table
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Netflix is adding a feature that makes it easier to log out of specific devices.

A new option in your account settings under the Security and Privacy section will show all the devices signed into your account.

The Manage Access and Devices page shows everywhere you are signed into Netflix, with the option to log out.

That’s good to have for all those times you’ve signed into a device you don’t own. Now you can sign into your Netflix account from any web browser and boot them off.

netflix manage access and devices page
Image: Netflix

The dashboard has all the information needed to determine which devices are using your account. Device type, last show or movie watched, time and date, and location are all visible to subscribers.

Before this, the only way to log out of remote devices was to force every device attached to your account to log out.

Netflix will also email the subscriber when a new device signs in. That’s handy if someone else knows your password and freeloads without your consent.

When we signed in to check if the new feature was live, we got an email reminding us that only our household members were allowed to use our subscription.

It also had a link to reset our password in case we didn’t recognize the device that just signed in.

Netflix is cracking down on password sharing. The streamer estimates that 100 million households are using shared passwords, revenue it is losing out on.

A new fee for sharing passwords outside your home location is currently rolling out. This will enable you to keep sharing for an additional $2.99 per month per location.

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