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How to use the double thumbs up feature on Netflix

Want to show Netflix that you REALLY like a show or movie? Here’s how.

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Previously, when you had an opinion about something on Netflix, you were only been able to give it a thumbs up, a thumbs down, or tell anyone who’ll listen. But now the streaming platform has added an extra choice to the mix.

Clicking the new double thumbs rating tells Netflix that you “Love this!” and will prompt it to include more similar content in your recommendations. In theory, adding the extra variable to the algorithm should make suggestions more relevant and appealing.

Once fully rolled out, the feature will be available on desktop, TV, Android, and iOS. Let’s discuss how to use double thumbs up on Netflix.

Where to find Netflix’s double thumbs up button

netflix double thumbs up icon on desktop
Image: KnowTechie

Netflix’s double thumbs are easy to locate and generally hang around the Play button on most devices. The new “Love this!” rating icon appears alongside the classic “I like it” and “Not for me” options.

Here’s where to find Netflix’s double thumbs up on desktop, mobile, and TV:

netflix double thumbs up feature on desktop
Image: KnowTechie

Desktop: Either hover over the Rating button for a movie/series on the Home screen or on the More info panel.

double thumbs up mobile app
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Mobile: Open the More info panel for a movie/series and tap Rate.

screenshot of netflix showing the two thumbs up feature
Image: KnowTechie

TV: Open the More info panel for a movie/series, and all available thumbs will appear above the Play button.

If the double thumbs-up option is missing, Netflix may not have rolled the feature out to your account yet. In which case, you can sit back, put on a movie, and wait for the extra thumbs to appear.

Netflix should add more thumbs

The addition of a “Love this!” button should help the streaming platform offer more relevant recommendations to its users. However, if Netflix is going one way, it should also go the other and offer a double thumbs down “Loathe this!” rating.

Or perhaps a raised middle finger would be more fitting. But if the company really wants to know what people think, it could go a step further—or perhaps too far—and add a comments section.

At least then we’ll have something to do when there’s nothing to watch.

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