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TikTok is moving forward with its music streaming plans

It could be a great move that compliments the main TikTok app.

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ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, is making moves to launch a new streaming service, TikTok Music.

We first heard rumblings about a potential TikTok Music streaming app thanks to a trademark application back in August. And now, the company is making even more strides toward its new platform.

ByteDance currently already operates a music streaming service called Resso. However, Resso is only available in a few markets, including Brazil, India, and Indonesia.

Recently, TechCrunch noticed references to TikTok Music in Resso’s code. But that’s just the beginning of the latest TikTok Music news.

Additionally, TikTok has begun creating TikTok Music-branded social media accounts, like the one above, on Twitter and Instagram.

The “TikTok Music” name leads us to believe that ByteDance will bring its Resso streaming app to other markets with new branding.

TikTok also has launched a dedicated website

tiktok music website
Image: TikTok

Finally, the company launched the site “music.tiktok.com” in certain regions such as Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Mexico.

The site includes a not-yet-functioning download button for a desktop client.

And, supposedly, when you head to the site on mobile, there will be redirect buttons to download a mobile version of the app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Launching a music streaming app for the rest of the world could be a huge move for ByteDance. Many of today’s popular hits get their legs on TikTok already.

And with its own dedicated streaming app, ByteDance could redirect all of its users to the TikTok Music app when they want to hear a song.

The new app will be coming for Spotify and YouTube Music, and it could have the potential to really shake things up in that space.

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